Welcome to Rashmi 6 Paradigm Limited



Rashmi 6 Paradigm Limited is the latest venture of Rashmi Group, one of the fastest growing Business Conglomerates in the Eastern region of India, pioneer in manufacturing of integrated Iron & Steel Products, Cement, Power and Ferro Alloys. Led by Mr. Sunil Kumar Patwari, the group has its corporate office at Kolkata, and factories located at Kharagpur and Jhargram respectively.

Rashmi 6 Paradigm Limited is a leading producer of Biomass pellets, Activated carbon and Charcoal products, committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. We cater to more than 200 direct market applications. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Kharagpur, West Bengal, India is also capable of producing tailor-made products required for critical process applications with cost-effective solutions. With a strong focus on carbon neutrality, we strive to provide high-quality, renewable energy alternatives to traditional fossil fuels.

Our state-of-the-art facilities and advanced production methods enable us to meet the growing demand for clean energy sources, while minimizing our carbon footprint. We are dedicated to creating a greener future by harnessing the power of biomass and offering sustainable solutions to our customers. Instead of supplying Activated Carbon as per regular specification, we would prefer to add value to customer’s process by our expertise into the selection of the right product for accurate application with our technical assistance during Design & Engineering, On-site installation and Carbon change over assistance. We hold the highest standards in the development, testing, and production of its products.

Rashmi 6 Paradigm Limited

We take pride in being a prominent Green Fuel Biomass Energy Producer in Kharagpur, West Bengal, India. Our venture boasts of providing a plethora of biomass-fuel products at industry-standard prices without compromising on quality or delivery time.

Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionize the energy industry by leveraging the power of sustainable resources in a responsible manner. Through innovative practices and cutting-edge technologies, we strive to deliver clean energy solutions that enhance the well-being of humankind and contributes to a healthier and greener planet for the generations to come.


Our Mission

Our mission is to metamorphose the energy landscape by being committed beyond environmental sustainability. We look forward to fostering equitable access to clean energy and lead the energy transition vertical by offering the best-in-class solutions. We also aim to maintain the highest standards of sustainability and quality and act responsibly for a better planet.