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Bio Pellets

We specialize in manufacturing sustainable and renewable bio pellets that are designed to meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly fuel alternatives. At Rashmi 6 Paradigm, we understand the importance of reducing our carbon footprint and transitioning towards cleaner energy sources. That's why our bio pellets are made from 100% organic materials, such as paddy straw, wood waste, coconut shells, and mustard husk. By leveraging these renewable resources, we ensure that our bio pellets are not only efficient but also help in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint.

Industrial Applications of Bio Pellets

Bio pellets come with multiple applications for industries, especially when compared to fossil fuel alternatives. Depending on the availability of biomass, bio pellets can offer a cost-effective energy solution for a plethora of industrial operations.

Sustainable Energy Source

Bio pellets help in reducing reliance on fossil fuels and contributing to environmental sustainability.

Heating and Thermal Applications

Bio pellets are used in industrial heating systems, such as boilers and furnaces, providing a reliable and efficient source of heat for processes, space heating, and industrial drying applications.

Power Generation

Bio pellets can be utilized in biomass power plants, where they are combusted to produce steam, which, in turn, drives turbines to generate electricity.

Co-Firing with Coal

Bio pellets can be co-fired with coal in existing coal-fired power plants, providing a greener alternative and reducing carbon emissions.

Apart from these, bio pellets find their applications in industries such as food processing, paper manufacturing, and textiles, where they can be used as a source of heat in kilns, dryers, and other process equipment.

Advantages Of Bio Pellets

Whether you are a business owner, homeowner or an energy provider, Rashmi 6 Paradigm manufactures best-in-class bio pellets according to industry standard to meet your demands. Choose our range of bio pellets and discover a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable fuel alternative. They are equipped with:

  • Sustainability:

    Our bio pellets are derived from renewable sources, making them a sustainable fuel option.

  • Energy Efficiency:

    The high energy density and low moisture content of bio pellets make them highly efficient for use in heating systems, stoves, and boilers.

  • Cost Savings:

    Switching to bio pellets can lead to significant cost savings compared to traditional fossil fuels. Our bio pellets are competitively priced and offer a long burning time, providing you with an economical heating solution.

  • Clean and Convenient:

    Bio pellets produce minimal ash and have low emission levels, ensuring cleaner combustion and reducing air pollution. They are also available in standardized sizes, making them easy to handle and store.

  • Contact us today to know more about our bio pellets and join us in our mission to make a positive environmental impact while enjoying efficient and cost- effective solutions.


Delivering Premium-Grade Products


Agro and Wood Waste is Procured from farmers and compiled into Bails


Bails are then processed in our state-of-the-art processing plant


Processed materials are then transformed into high-quality sustainable products

Green Energy

Harnessed products are used by various industries for green power & purification processes

Specifications of Bio Pellets

Comparative of Technical parameters of R6PL’s Bio-mass Pellets

Sl No Technical Parameter R6PL Bio Mass Pellets Guaranteed value range as advised by CEA, Sep 2018
1 Base material Agricultural Waste Agro/crop residue
2 Diameter 8 mm Not more than 25 mm
3 Length 25-30 mm Not more than 50 mm
4 Bulk density 600 kg/m3 Not more than 600 kg/m3
5 Fines% (length<3mm)(ARB*) Less than 3% by weight Fines,<5%**
6 Cross calorific value (ARB*) Non Torrefied: 4000 ±200 kcal/kg Non Torrefied pellets: 3500+100 Torrefied pellets: 4500+100
7 Moisture (ARB*) Less than 9% Not more than 9%
8 Ash (ARB*) Less than 5% by weight Not more than 20%

Why Choose Bio Pellets?

Biomass pellets helps in reducing the reliance on fossil fuels and mitigates the emissions of greenhouse gases. It helps in promoting a circular economy by harnessing renewable energy source, agricultural residues, thereby supporting rural economies and minimizing waste, hence contributing to a better planet.


More Combustion Time

Easy for Transportation


Carbon Credits

Lower Emission of Harmful Gases

High thermal Value

Made from Leftover Biomass Waste